“What’s New at Turul


The title of this section is a bit ironic………”What’s New at Turul!’    To be honest, usually nothing…. No new kindles, no new e-readers, rarely any new books!  However on occasion we do get some one-off custom created new bindings to create for clients.  But for the most part, nothing is new!

That is why we are unique, that is why our bookbinding, book repair, and restoration business are so unique.  When we do repairs, most are by hand and with old hand tools,  Even the machines we utilize to replicate the quality and old world craftsmanship in books is done with machines that are over a century old!    We have one sewing machine on which a placard is affixed to list the patents.  The most current patent on that machine is 1879…….Often we have to make parts or repair old parts to keep her going, but it is worth it.  You cannot duplicate the quality of that machines abilities.  The few times we try calling for a part it is funny hearing the dead silence on the other end of the phone.  The call goes something like this, ” So what model # are you looking for parts for?”   Our response “4”………. Soon the parts person pauses and replies, “and the other digits?”   To which we say, ” There are no others…..Model #4!”

We are essentially a recently opened time capsule, and watching us perform are art is similar to traveling back in a time machine.  We use some of the same techniques and tools from long ago.  This ensures that the quality of our work remains the best!    So in answer to the Question, “What’s new at Turul?”  We say, “What’s old is new again here!”  It may not be new to us, but it is new to the 4 or 5 generations of customers that came along after techniques were originally first used!   We forsee doing it that way for a long time to come, then we can guarantee that you or valued customer continues to get the highest quality book repair and restoration!

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