Textbook Rebinding

damaged textbook

Turul Bookbindery has been binding textbooks since our company’s inception. Our knowledge of textbook’s composition, and requirements are virtually second to none.  All bookbinding is done in house at Turul Bookbindery.  This eliminates any worry about where your books are and who is really rebinding them.  Deal with a bookbinder not a broker.     The abuse textbooks are subjected to is often more than their design can withstand. Textbooks are usually mass produced, often using poorer quality materials for cost efficiency. When we rebind a textbook at Turul Bookbindery, the textbooks leave our building stronger than when it left the manufacturer. Our process ensures a stronger textbook, the textbooks are sewn and then recovered in a very durable buckram cover (unless otherwise requested).  This allows the textbooks to stand up to the rigors that students often put them through.  With budget cuts in all areas rebinding is a perfect way to keep those textbooks in use for more years, without the expense of purchasing new ones.

5 Excellent Reasons to Rebind:

  1. Trees will love you… By replacing only the cover of a textbook, you are saving those hundreds of pages worth of paper.  It’s simple- rebinding saves paper, thus saving our precious trees
  2. …. So will your wallet.  Comparing the costs of rebinding to replacing, you will save 30%!!!  That fact speaks for itself. With all the schools budgets that have been suffering with cutbacks, what a wonderful and smart avenue to take.
  3. Fashion… With our attractive and sleek fitting bindings, your  textbook will be the talk of the season.  Buckram, leather, cloth…. a variety of colors and cover materials give a stylish touch- even for a schoolbook!
  4. Yet function…Our new bindings are much more than just a pretty face.  Durable bindings and strong cover materials ensure that your book will stand up to the wear and tear for years to come.
  5. The Turul Reputation… For almost 80 years, Turul has been a name that customers trust for quality, care, and concern.  Whether it be a bible from the 1800’s or a textbook from 1999, we give it the same exceptional treatment and care.

Be conscious of economic and environmental concerns: Why replace an entire book when only the cover is damaged?!

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