DSC_9802One of the main tasks here at the bookbindery is restoring customers precious rare books and family bibles.  Restoration is an art which takes years of training and hands-on experience.  To do a restoration you cannot be anything but a master.  There are skills and techniques which may seem simple but, if not completely precise, that slide of the hand or twist of the wrist can mean the difference between disaster and masterpiece.  A family tradition, bookbinding has been passed down through 3 generations and is still the main function of the bookbindery.

Using the same techniques used by founder Louis Gregorencsics blended with more durable and modern tools, Turul continues to produce quality work while not compromising the handwork usually left behind in today’s business world for technology.

Hours upon hours are spent handsewing pages.  Turul has restored thousands of precious family heirlooms and cherished books.   Don’t let inexperience ruin your family treasure or heirloom bible.  Atlases, Children’s Books, Bibles, Photo Albums- bring all of your antique books to Turul and see how the restored book looks as good as the day it was created.


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