About Us: Contact and Location


Turul Bookbindery Inc. the mailing address is 60 State Route 15 South, Wharton, NJ.  Our physical  location is the southwest side of Route 15 South, corner of Berkshire Valley Road, in Jefferson Township .  But after you pass us 15 times, call 973-361-2810 and our operator can talk you in like a jet without an engine!  or email us at TURUL1@aol.com,  or message us on Facebook.   (we are across from the BP Station  (formerly Woroco) which is located in the median of Route 15 –  )

         Our Coordinates for GPS are   -Latitude: 40.92954,  Longitude – 74.59122      

                           You may also reach us by cell / text at 843-653-3322


Appointments are always available to fit our customers schedule, all you need to do is call or email us.             


   Walk-in Hours

                                                                 Monday  12 – 5 PM

 Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday   10 – 4:00 PM 

Friday  10  – 2 PM

  Saturdays – 11 – 2 PM —– out of hours appointments are always available!



9 thoughts on “About Us: Contact and Location

  1. Hello,
    I’m looking to get a book restored for someone for Christmas. The pages are falling out, browning, cover is faded and overall just needs a clean up. I understand it’s probably a bit late to ask this by the time Christmas rolls around,! but I thought I’d give it a shot. I was looking for an estimate on pricing, and if it was possible to do by Christmas. If not I completely understand. Feel free to call/text/email me at 908-894-4227. Thank you

    • So sorry for the delay. We actually are swamped with Christmas orders by Mid-November. If it is for a spouse, we could suggest Valentines Day present which could be done if dropped off now. Also the same could be accomplished for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day of 2018. Just let us know at your convenience. Thank You. Again I apologize for the delay. While we know how to repair books, this is a brand new website with new features we haven’t quite learned to operate properly. Thanks again.

  2. Hi I’m trying to get a 25 page magazine printed Japanese style where the page gets folded and then I need holes punched and then have the thread to hold it together. Is that something you could do? Thank you

  3. So,Coming from Andover, I can take that right turn on rt 15, like I was going to make a U turn and just pull into your parking lot right? I know where you are just wasn’t sure how to get into it–lol, guess I am not alone. I have an old bible, which I am even afraid to look through (think it’s from 1832) but it needs some sever help. It’s about 15 x 10 x 5″ high–I have no idea if this is an expensive job or what. Can you let me know or shall I just stop by? Thanks

  4. I have 500 bound books Trim: 7.25″ X 9″ 560 pages, Case Cover: Pre printed, 4/0 + foil stamp 80# C1S matte soft touch lamination.
    Is it possible to do customized foil emboss to these already bound books?

  5. Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I noticed what looks like cards or small packs on the ground in front of your Turil sign. I noted them while waiting for the light to change. Not sure what they are but just wanted to let someone know. Stay safe. Jean

  6. Hi , we have used you in the past and were very happy. I’m actually the second generation who would like to use your services. My primary residence is in Fl and will be making a special trip to get a genealogy book printed . Can you tell me about how long the wait list is ? I’ll be coming up the end of this month and would like to make an appointment. I come up fairly frequently because I’m a Jersey girl at heart & have kept my childhood home . Btw- I got a chuckle reading your directions . My parents and I used to stop at the farm stand across 15 when we had a house on lake Hopatcong . Thank you for still being business ! Mindy

    • Good Afternoon. We will be reaching out to you today. Thank you , it is always a pleasure to hear from all of our past and current customers.

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