Printing Services


Don’t waste time running around trying to find a printer AND a bookbinder.  If you’re looking for both, look no further!  At Turul Bookbindery we are your one stop shop. Even though our name says Turul Bookbindery, don’t let that fool you.  In most cases, without printing you would have nothing to bind into books!  Thankfully,  Turul bookbindery is here with the capability to handle your printing needs.

Let’s face it, it’s a fast paced world. Turul Bookbindery knows what you want is a good quality printing job that is finished on time. We will work according to your schedule to fulfill you or your company’s needs and produce a finished product that is both attractive and professional.

Our trained staff will print, bind, and produce a finished product that even the toughest critic would praise.  At Turul Bookbindery we realize a happy customer is a repeat customer so we will do our best to gain 100% satisfaction from our customers. If you would like more information on Turul Bookbindery’s printing services, E-mail us, or call (973) 361-2810.

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