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“Quality in the Old World Tradition”

Since 1932

Turul Bookbindery has been your source for quality handbinding, restoration, printing, and mailing since 1932.  This family-owned business is one of the last handbinderies in the nation, and we strive to continue the high standard of craftsmanship set forth by our founder, Louis Gregorensics.

Turul Bookbindery has been featured in media outlets from the New York Times to the Anchorage Daily News.  Check out our “Turul in the News” page for more on our work.  For a quick history and introduction, check out our video feature on News 12 New Jersey’s “Best Kept Secrets of New Jersey”.

Getting Here Is Easy!! Click here for directions via Google Maps

Turul Bookbindery, Inc.
60 Route 15 South
Wharton (Jefferson Twp.) New Jersey, 07885
Phone: (973) 361-2810
Fax: (973) 361-6762
Credit cards accepted.
Click here for directions (via Google Maps)

To Request More Information: email us at Turul1@aol.com

Beszelunk Magyarul!




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  1. Hi,
    i just picked up my bible from being rebound on Wednesday. I did not have a chance to really look through it until yesterday. i knew the finished product was going to be good because my uncle got his bible rebound 3-4 months ago and said he was happy with your services…. BUT and this is a big BUT… the finished product is not just good..it is absolutely GREAT! AMAZING! it is newer then when i bought it if that is possible…lol 🙂 i have no idea how you did .. how ever page is perfect without any crinkles but it is…. will demand anyone who needs your type of services to only go to you.. thanks again

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