Religious Bookbinding


For decades, Turul Bookbindery has been and still is the choice of religious organizations for their Church Record binding.  Turul’s care and quality service have ensured the trust of hundreds of religious organizations.  We offer the following services for your binding needs:

  • Baptism Registers
  • Marriage Registers
  • Death Registers
  • Holy Book Restoration
  • Lectionary Rebinding
  • Mass Intentions
  • Personalization of Hymnals or Bibles

Being that most religious books are handled by many different people, the books must be very durable. Books rebound at Turul Bookbindery leave our bookbindery stronger than when they left the manufacturer.  Religious record books such as marriage, death and birth records almost literally need to last forever. Often over the years the books begin to show signs of aging. If this is the case with your organization books, a book rebound at Turul Bookbindery can give your organization’s records new life.

From the Bible to the Torah, from hymnals to mass intentions, Turul Bookbindery can handle all of your organizations rebinding needs. For more information concerning our religious bookbinding services, E-mail us or call us at (973) 361–2810.

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