Personalizing, Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cutting,


Our Company has been stamping as long as it has been bookbinding, from hand type to machine type, Turul Bookbindery can handle your personalization, foil & gold stamping needs and embossing and die cutting.  At Turul Bookbindery, we have the experience necessary to stamp on the various materials and papers that are on the market today. Quality stamping requires an understanding of materials, time, pressure, temperature. After 85 years of experience, we at Turul Bookbindery know what it takes for a quality stamping. We offer a wide selection of colors, type styles, and foil brands from around the world.

Personalization of Leather Items
Go to who the large companies choose when they cannot figure a way out to personalize something.  Whether you’re a corporation or an individual, personalized items can be used to give you, your employees and your company that prestigious look. Our stamping capabilities are not just limited to paper and book covers. Over the years, we at Turul Bookbindery have stamped on leather attaches, leather binders, leather luggage tags, etc… Stamping is an art which requires technique, at Turul Bookbindery we have that technique. You can choose colors of foil, type style, and designs. If you have a custom logo you would like stamped on an item we can have a die made for you and your company and then stamped on almost any item. Whether it be one or one thousand, Turul Bookbindery is where to go for that personal touch.

We emboss like no one else. Our embossing is always on the mark, clear and concise. Whether it be blind or color stamping, you can rest assured that our stamping will have the quality and accuracy you are looking for.

Die Cutting
At Turul Bookbindery, we are always a cut above the rest when it comes to die cutting. Over the years we have die cut for companies large and small whether you’re a dentist looking for x-ray holders, or an ad exec looking for presentation folders, we at Turul Bookbindery can make it a clear cut choice when your looking for a die cutter.

Here at the Bookbindery, lamination is a key function.  Turul Bookbindery can laminate your signs, posters, business cards- anything you want to preserve!  Turul Bookbindery has the capability to laminate up to 26″ widths- from luggage tags to diagrams, military tags to maps, posters.    We laminate single items or large quantities.


Letters of Hand Type

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