Looking Back to Look Forward at Turul

The Next Generation at Turul

We cannot tell you how amazing it feels for all of us here at Turul. Handbookbinding and Restoration is a trade for which there are very few service providers in our state let alone our country. As we have been approaching our 80th Anniversary we have reflected on the whirlwind of circumstances that allows us to continue to do what we do. Our founder and his family business, survived the scourges of Hitler when a US dropped bomb killed a family member as it landed next to their home, they survived Stalin as his rule saw the loss of property along with forcing the immigration of the entire family to America, it has seen recession upon recession, and probably the most significant was the passing of the patriarch of the family and more recently the matriarch. However we continue to thrive as a new generation begins to roam the floors of our structure and learn little by little the business started 4 generations ago.